Time & Material

When Steven Hart decides to create one of his abstract, biomorphic sculptures of organic mable and wood, it’s as if he steps back into ancient time. He uses another sensibility to evoke ‘art forged from what nature has to offer’. 

His inspiration comes from nuances trapped deep within the marble – shadows, veining, granularity – as limestone crystalizes through its mysterious metamorphism. Just as marble might seem cold, smooth or hard, Hart finds the opposite in the rich, warm color, grain and organic shapes of wooden branches, Both materials provide an intriguing invitation for his emotional exploration of the personalities and characteristics of these classic elements.

Abandoning modern technology for the simple tools of Iron Age Man, Harts work is painstakingly slow, all done by hand. As sculptors did in antiquity, the work is tactile and unhurried. Gradually the design expresses itself in smooth flights of fancy, and intensity of feeling, often with aerodynamic tension. 

His adventure starts with no beginning, never thinking of the end, just the creative exploration of form and material. Hart feels that ‘the elasticity of time – elongating, starching,’ provides a timeless atmosphere in which his designs emerge . . . simple and superb.